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MEGA Industries Awarded Contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory

MEGA Industries wins final contract for $98,452 to complete the 201.25 MHz High Power RF System at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. This contract is for the third and final RF amplifier installation to restore high power at LANSCE. The first two successful installations resulted in awards to MEGA for a total of $450,000.

MEGA supplied various coaxial components ranging from loads, hybrids, output couplers, reflectometers, bellows, straights and elbows ranging in sizes from 3-1/8” to 14”. The first installation was completed in October of 2014, the second in February of 2015, and the third and final will take place in 2016.

MEGA Sales Account Manager, Lisa Cummings commented, “Working together with the Los Alamos National Laboratory team has truly been a pleasure from start to finish. Our Engineers have enjoyed the challenges in assisting with their custom designs. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with the staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory.”

Peter Matthews, MEGA Chief Technical Officer added, “ Los Alamos Neutron Science Center gave our talented Engineering group a chance to show their strengths. The custom designs such as the Output Couplers and Bellows proved MEGA’s technical capabilities. Our manufacturing processes were successful giving a sense of pride spread throughout MEGA Industries’ facility. It is exciting realizing that we have played a significant role in providing the pieces required to restore high power at LANSCE.

Mega coaxial components at Los Alamos

MEGA Industries Awarded Additional Contracts from the Facility for Rare Isotopes

Mega Industries has been awarded an additional $357,040 in contracts from Michigan State University (MSU) for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. (FRIB)

Successful Completion Phase I of $2.6 Million Dollar Contract

The new contract comes as 500 meters of MEGA’s coaxial transmission lines are being installed at FRIB, completing the first phase of the initial $2.6 million dollar contract. “During a recent visit to FRIB, we were given the opportunity to meet more of the team and witness the installation of transmission lines manufactured by MEGA. MEGA is looking forward to partnering with FRIB on the newest contract and will continue to support their efforts by sharing our knowledge and experience with their team. ” said Peter Matthews, CTO Mega Industries.

Details of the New $357,040 Contract

The most recent contract includes developing and manufacturing bellows assemblies for several of FRIB’s components including: Quarter Wave Resonator, Baseline Fundamental Mode Power Coupler, QWR 90 Degree RF Elbows with QWR Warm Transitions and a 3-Way Power Combiner.

“This latest contract further expands MEGA’s value to the FRIB project and leverages the capabilities of both our engineering and manufacturing teams” said Lisa Cummings, Mega Industries Account Manager. “The talented Engineering groups at MSU and Mega work very well together and look forward to continued successful endeavors as partners.”

Mega provides FRIB waveguide components

MEGA Industries Awarded Contract from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Mega Industries, LLC. has been awarded a contract by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory. As part of an important program, known as PXIE, Mega will provide UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) power couplers for a RFQ (Radio Frequency Quadrupole) that will accelerate the proton beam within the PXIE linear accelerator at Fermilab while insuring vacuum integrity. This accelerator, when complete, will be unique among high power proton facilities either operating or under development anywhere in the world.

“Our UHV clean room is a major advancement for a manufacturer of waveguides, enabling us to lead the market in this area”, says Peter Matthews, Mega CTO.

Mega with Fermi Labs

The Main Injector, a 2-mile-circumference racetrack for protons, is the most powerful particle accelerator in operation at Fermilab. Source: Peter Ginter |

MEGA Industries Visits FRIB As Coax Transmission Lines Installed

Peter Matthews, CTO of MEGA Industries, recently visited the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University (MSU) witnessing the installation of coax transmission lines manufactured by MEGA. During the visit Mr. Matthews met several members of the FRIB team and was presented with some special FRIB display materials in appreciation of the valued partnership between MEGA and FRIB.

Mega Industries visits Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

Completion of Phase I of Mega’s $2.6 Million Dollar Contract

FRIB will be the largest nuclear research project in North America when finished in 2022 and will support the global study of rare isotopes. The installation of the 500 meters of coax transmission line signaled the successful completion of Phase I the $2.6 million dollar contract previously awarded by FRIB to MEGA.

Peter V. Anania, President of MEGA Industries, comments, “The team at MEGA did an outstanding job landing and completing Phase I of the FRIB contract. We look forward to continuing to work with FRIB and have already received additional contracts.”

MEGA’s Role as a Leader in High Energy Physics

MEGA Industries’ components and technology have been sought after and installed into a number of large scale scientific experiments across the globe.

In September of 2014, MEGA was awarded a $1.2 million dollar contract to develop and manufacture coaxial components for ITER-India. In March of 2015 the MEGA received a contract with FERMI National Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois to develop power couplers for a Radio Frequency Quadrupole. MEGA has also produced many components for the large hadron collider at CERN in Switzerland.