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Microwave Transmission Equipment


waveguide directional coupler

Mega Industries Waveguide is manufactured to precise tolerances calculated to provide optimum VSWR and maximum power handling capabilities. Mega provides waveguide components in sizes WR28 through WR2300 in both full and reduced height configurations (custom sizes up to WR6200 have also been produced). Many products are designed to meet your demanding requirements, and we welcome all challenges.

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Flexible Waveguide

WR650 flexible waveguide

Mega’s process of manufacturing Semi-Flexible Waveguide by brazing the seam off center assures excellent performance of your high power applications. Flexible waveguide can be plated with copper or silver to improve insertion loss characteristics. Integrated rigid/flexible waveguide assemblies are our specialty. We use advanced brazing techniques to attach cooling fins and restraints as required.

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Coaxial Components

Coaxial Hybrid

Mega Industries Coaxial Transmission line is manufactured to exacting electrical and mechanical tolerance to provide maximum power handling and minimum VSWR. We specialize in coaxial components is sizes from Type N to 14-inch diameter and can accommodate many insulator materials to support the most demanding environments from high temperature to high radiation.

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Broadcast Products

broadcast coaxial transfer switch

Mega/MCI supplies robust, efficient and innovative RF Broadcast equipment that allows terrestrial, over-the-air TV and radio broadcasters to deliver reliable and pioneering services. From project conception through execution, broadcasters trust our recommendations for products that deliver maximum performance and robustness. Our clients also have full confidence in our ability to combine standard and custom components for quality at the best price.

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Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Products

UHV WR2100 Vacuum Window

Mega’s Ultra High Vacuum waveguide and coaxial components have been designed to support the cutting edge technologies currently being applied to particle accelerator development. Each component is constructed using vacuum rated materials such as OFHC copper, non-magnetic stainless steel, and low outgassing ceramics. Our manufacturing process utilizes advanced brazing and techniques, and all components are cleaned, assembled and tested in our clean room facility.

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