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Waveguide Transitions to Coaxial

Waveguide Transitions

WR430 Transition to 1 5/8 Coax

Mega Industries manufacturers a complete line of waveguide to coaxial transitions. For laboratory testing or other low power applications, we recommend “Probe type” transitions to type “N” coaxial line; while our low VSWR “cross-bar” design provides optimum electrical performance for high power applications. To facilitate feed system layouts, the dimension chart below gives interface dimensions.

Standard transitions have fixed flanges. 7/8, 1 5/8, 3 1/8, 6 1/8 coaxial adaptors for WR1800 and larger waveguides are female; other rigid coaxial adaptors are male. Also available are water-cooled transitions, half-height, and adaptors for SC, APC-7, SMA and other configurations.

Waveguide Transitions Product Data Sheet
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