Mega Industries, LLC RF Solutions - A leader in the manufacture of Microwave Transmission Equipment

Rigid and Flexible Waveguides

A leader in the manufacture of
Microwave Transmission Equipment since 1989.

Mega produces a comprehensive line of rigid and flexible waveguide products sizes WR28 through WR2300. We specialize in high power, high quality components and systems for demanding applications for our customers in the scientific, commercial, and military sectors.

Mega Industries Coaxial Components

Globally known and trusted with equipment in universities and businesses worldwide.

Mega Industries coaxial transmission line is manufactured to exacting electrical and mechanical tolerances to provide maximum stability and minimum VSWR in coaxial transmission line and components in sizes Type N to 14‐inch diameter. Using high performance insulator materials and connector designs, Mega Coaxial Transmission Line can operate at peak performance even in the harshest environments.

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Mega Industries Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Components

An experienced engineering design team provides solutions with stable performance.

Mega Industries produces an array of Ultra High Vacuum compatible waveguide and coaxial components needed for today’s demanding applications. Mega Industries has invested in the facilities and manufacturing processes required to implement traditional, and non-traditional waveguide components in the UHV environment.

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Mega Industries and MCI Broadcast Products

Innovative RF Equipment

Utilizing extensive engineering expertise and modern manufacturing techniques, Mega offers superior performance at a reasonable cost point for our broadcast customers. Mega offers the full line of the Micro Communications, Inc (MCI) broadcast components and is ready to fulfill your demanding requirements.

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Mega Industries Custom Designs

Innovative custom solutions are our specialty.

Our years of experience, innovation, and ability to take concepts from sketch to delivered solutions are what sets Mega apart from the competition. We fabricate intricate shapes, incorporate uncommon materials, are well-versed in non-standard waveguide and coax sizes, and offer an array of solutions for elevated power levels.

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