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Waveguide Couplers

  • Rigid Waveguide Branch Line Coupler

    Branch Line Coupler

  • WR650 Cross Guide Coupler

    WR650 Cross Guide Coupler

Mega Industries offers a comprehensive line of super high power directional couplers for power  monitoring,  signal mixing,  signal sampling, and branch line feeding. Array couplers, Cross Guide and Branch Line couplers may be selected for optimum space utilization in a feed system layout.

Typical Electrical Specifications over a 10% Waveguide Bandwidth
VSWR 1.05:1
Directivity 30dB
Nominal Coupling Factor 10db. To 50 dB +/- 1.0 dB
Coupling Variation +/- 0.5 dB

Other packaging configurations are available as well as units in reduced height waveguide, heavy wall waveguide for high pressure applications and special flange configurations.

Array Coupler Options