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Mega Industries Electrical Test & Assembly

Mega Industries can measure waveguide and coaxial components up to 40 GHz. Our recently expanded facility allows us to test and assemble components in a very clean environment to insure the highest possible performance for our customers. All test equipment is maintained and calibrated yearly per our ISO certification.

Mega maintains a large array of waveguide and coaxial calibration kits to measure all components accurately. Here are some of our testing capabilities:

  • Low-level RF measurements 3kHz to 40 GHz
  • DC high-pot testing to 80kV
  • High pressure testing to 60 psig with air, and 250 psig in hydrostatic
  • Gas leak rate measurements as low as 0.05 cc/min @ 1.0 psig
  • He “sniffer” leak testing
Testing Facility

Mega Industries newly expanded clean test & assembly area