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Coaxial Components

  • Coaxial Waterload

Mega Industries manufactures coaxial transmission line and components in sizes from type N through 14-inch diameter. Copper and aluminum alloy tubes are available for outer conductors and high conductivity copper tubes are utilized for inner conductors. Teflong line supports are used in standard transmission line and rexolite or ceramic supports are available for special applications.

In addition to straight transmission line, coaxial components such as 45- and 90-degree miter bends, special angle bends, directional couplers, impedance transformers, impedance matchers, tee junctions, hybrid couplers, phase shifters, attenuators, and filters are available to complete your systems. Spare parts such as flanges, adaptors, hangers and connectors are also available in all sizes.

All Mega Industries transmission lines are manufactured to exacting electrical and mechanical tolerances to provide maximum stability and miminum VSWR.

coaxial phase shifter