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Waveguide Calibration Kits

  • TRL Calibration Kit

    TRL Calibration Kit

  • TRL Calibration Kit

    SSL Calibration Kit

Mega Industries offers a complete line of waveguide precision Calibration Kits for use with Vector Network Analyzer systems.

Traditional calibration kits utilize three impedance standards and one transmission standard to fully effect a full two port calibration. The standards normally used are Short, Open, Load and a Through connection resulting in the common "SOLT Coaxial Calibration Kit". Unlike Coaxial kits, where a "calibrated short" and "calibrated open" are readily achievable, waveguide calibration kits utilize Offset Short-Circuit sections to represent these two parameters. The length of the offsets, which are set as λ/8 and 3λ/8 long, are designed to provide a balanced phase response over the waveguide operating frequency range. Mega also provides a precision waveguide sliding load to provide optimum performance over the complete waveguide band. Since waveguide flanges mate together, a special through connection is not required resulting in the Short Short Load (SSL) Style Waveguide Calibration Kit.

In addition, Mega provides precision Coaxial to Waveguide Transitions, which typically display a VSWR of better than 1.15:1 over the complete waveguide band and better than 1.10:1 over more than 80%. This provides for extreme accuracy when measuring low insertion loss devices.

Also offered by Mega is the Thru Reflect Line (TRL) two port calibration kit, which utilizes 3 standards to define the calibrated reference plane. Precision waveguide to coaxial transitions are used in conjunction with a “flush” Short circuit plate and a precision λ/4 waveguide section designed to provide a balanced phase response over the waveguide operating frequency range.

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