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TV Combiners

Mega Industries delivers TV combiner systems to combine multiple transmitters into broadband antenna systems. These combiners can be branch, or star point style to combine up to 3 TV stations with 50 dB of isolation at all power levels. Constant Impedance Filter systems (CIF) can combine more than 3 separate stations and offer the ability for future channel expansion. Mega/MCI has won two Emmys for innovation in regards to TV station combining.

Model Data Sheets
43000Star-Point Combiners
41200Constant Impedance Combiners, Medium Power Coaxial
43200Manifold, Multiple Frequency/Channel Combiners
41000Constant Impedance Combiners, High Power Waveguide
49500N+1, Adjacent Channel Combiners
49600DTV/DTV, Adjacent Channel Combiners
49400N-1, Adjacent Channel Combiners
41900Duo-Band (UHF/VHF) Combiner/Couler
41300Resonant Loop Combiners