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TV Filters

Mega/MCI provides high quality TV filters for many broadcast applications. Dual mode filters are used to provide DTV Mask Filter solutions to allow the use of common UHF transmitter to meet stringent FCC transmitted signal compliance requirements.

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  • filter-dual-notch-tunable
Model Data Sheets
49100UHF High Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter
49100D6th Order (4+2) Refl DM Mask Filter
49200D8th Order Refl DM Mask Filter
41700UHF Medium Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter
FLDV-158UHF Reflective 8th Order DTV Mask Filter, 2KW
FLDV-018Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter, 150W
42100Interdigital Bandpass Filter, 54-860Mhz
44000Harmonic Low Pass Filters, Coaxial
44110Harmonic Low Pass Filters, Waveguide
42000Notch Filters, Single and Dual
42900Notch Filter, Multiple
42110Intermod Filters, Waveguide