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RF Switches

broadcast Coaxial Transfer Switches RF waveguide switch

Mega Industries offers 3-port and 4-port RF transfer switches in both coax and waveguide. Transfer switches are motorized with multiple drive power options: 12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC-50/60Hz, 240VAC-50/60Hz. These compact switches are rated to high power operation and provide computer control and interlock signals to fully integrate into your RF system. Mega also offers complete switching systems to combine two transmitters, or switch matrix systems to route RF signals to multiple ports such as antennas and process equipment.

Model Data Sheets
61000Coaxial Transfer Switches
65000Waveguide Switches
56300Switching matrix, N+1
55500Micro- Switcher, Microprocessor Controllers
56000Remote Controlled Switching Combiners