Mega Industries, LLC RF Solutions - A leader in the manufacture of Microwave Transmission Equipment


Waveguide Products

  • Coaxial Flange
  • Waveguide Transition
  • Waveguide Triple Coupler
  • Waveguide Shunt Series Tee

Mega Industries provides high power, low frequency waveguide and waveguide components in sizes ranging from WR090 through WR2300. Larger sizes are offered through WR5900 upon special request.

Waveguide are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, however, sizes WR090 through WR650 are available in either copper or aluminum alloys. Waveguide flanges and gaskets are provided in accordance with EIA and Military Specifications.

Mega Industries rigid waveguides are manufactured to precise tolerances calculated to provide optimum VSWR and maximum power handling capabilities.

In addition to straight waveguide, Mega offers a complete line of components to complete or refurbish your systems. These include miter bends, sweep bends, quadrature hybrids, magic tees, folded tees, series and shunt tees, transformers, transition, gas barriers, couplers, terminations, attenuators, phase shifters and tuners.

Our technical staff is on hand to assist you in developing and manufacturing specialized equipment at your request.