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Coaxial Transmission Line

6 inch Coaxial Transmission Line

6 in. Coaxial Transmission Line

EIA Coaxial transmission line is designed and fabricated to exacting electrical and mechanical specifications. Optimum power transfer for 50, 75 and 100 OHM systems is obtained by utilizing high conductivity copper inner conductors that are supported by Teflon insulators. The outer conductors are precision drawn heavy wall copper tubing.

For maximum economy and minimum weight, Mega recommends the use of aluminum outer conductors when a slight increase in attenuation will not adversely affect your subsystem requirements.

The more popular coaxial transmission line sizes are tabulated below. Mega also offers special diameter coaxial transmission line sections and square or rectangular transmission line sections for your special requirements.

In high radiation areas where Teflon is not suitable, special polymer insulators or ceramic supports are available for sizes up to 14” in diameter.

Coaxial Line Attenuation Data Sheet Coaxial Power Handling Data Sheet
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