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Waveguide Short Slot Hybrids

Waveguide Short Slot Hybrid

WR975 Short Slot Hybrid

Quadrature, or 90 degree, equal power division hybrids are available as a basic subsystem building block. These units meet, as a minimum, the following electrical specifications over a 10% waveguide bandwidth:

Electrical Performance over a 10% Waveguide Bandwidth
Amplitude Balance +/- 0.25 dB
Phase Balance 90 +/- 2°
Insertion Loss Less than O.1 dB
Isolation 28 dB Minimum
VSWR 1.10:1

Unequal 4.77 dB and 6 dB units are also available. Contact Mega's sales team for other possible splits.

Standard sizes are shown on our data sheet.

Waveguide Short Slot Hybrids Product Data Sheet
Short Slot Hybrid Options