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Mega Industries Clean Room

750 sq. ft clean room

Mega Industries 750 sq. ft clean room facility allows the cleaning, brazing, assembly and storage of Ultra High Vacuum components. The clean room has four, progressively pressurized areas designated for specific operations. The center room is for assembly and RF testing and is the cleanest at ISO class 5. This room is isolated with direct entry only through two ISO class 6 outer areas that are designated for vacuum brazing, cleaning, packaging and vacuum testing. These two areas are accessed via the dressing/gowning area.

Construction is aluminum structural extrusion with plexi-glass walls (i.e. a giant fish bowl). This allows for continual customization of space and equipment needs to produce Mega diverse products. The airflow system is designed for 40 room exchanges per hour to ensure a stable clean environment. Our clean room is monitored, tracked and maintained for ISO 14644-1 compliance.

The clean room facility is outfitted with various equipment:

  • Induction vacuum brazing system
  • Ultrasonic cleaner used for three stage chemical cleaning
  • Heated deionized rinse system
  • RF Network analyzer
  • Vacuum Leak checker capable of measuring leak rates to 5 x 10-11 mBar l/s.
  • 2 x 10-10 Torr UHV System used for component "bake out" and gas load rate measurements.
  • Packaging equipment for shipment (vacuum bagging).
clean-room-vacuum-leak-checker clean-room-induction-brazing