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Coaxial Accessories

  • Coaxial Hardware Kits

    Coaxial Hardware Kits

  • Coaxial Flanges

    Coaxial Flanges

  • Coaxial Connectors

    Coaxial Connectors

  • Coaxial Insulators

    Coaxial Insulators

  • Fixed Coaxial Hanger

    9" Fixed Coaxial Hanger

  • Coaxial Roller Hanger

    9" Roller Hanger

Mega has all the accessories that you need for prototype development and general laboratory use, Mega offers anchor connectors, anchor insulators, line insulators, half connectors, flanges, o-rings, hardware kits and hangers. Many of these accessories are stocked for immediate delivery.

Connectors & Insulators Options