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Waveguide Attenuators

Waveguide Attenuators

WR650 Variable Attenuator

Mega Industries offers both fixed and variable precision waveguide attenuators for the most demanding system requirements. Low to medium power devices utilize high density shaped microwave absorbing elements permanently attached to a standard waveguide section. The VSWR of the fixed attenuators is less than 1.10.1 over a 10% band and the variable units exhibit a 1.15:1 maximum VSWR. When requested, calibration charts traceable to the National Bureau of Standards can be supplied.

For extremely high power or for low loss applications, hybrid style variable attenuators are available. These units, which exhibit a minimum insertion loss of 0.05 db can be readily varied to 30 db attenuation under full transmitter power. Both manual drive and motor driven devices are available to meet the most exacting requirements.

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