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    Waveguide MegaSeal®

Mega Industries has all the accessories needed for the installation of waveguide components. Gaskets provide the proper electrical and mechanical seal for interior and exterior use. Each hardware kit contains stainless steel hex bolts, flat washers, lock washers and nuts for a complete waveguide flange joint. Mega also can provide waveguide spacers that meet EIA specifications, bulkhead flanges and hangers.


MegaSeal® integrated gaskets are designed to provide an optimized electrical and mechanical seal.

The elevated electrical sealing surface of the MegaSeal® is machined into the aluminum carrier plate ensuring that the RF energy is contained inside the waveguide where it belongs. The surface is smooth, elevated not by a mechanical knurling, but rather is machined from a sheet to be elevated from the start. This eliminates the damage caused by some other sealing structures that can require repair of the mating flange faces to remove the marks left by this destructive connection.

The MegaSeal®’s compliant gasket material is rugged and allows for leak-free pressurization of standard flat flanged waveguide systems. This removes the need to specify flange grooving details and connect components in any orientation for future projects.

Waveguide MegaSeal® Product Data Sheet


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