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Custom Applications

Innovative Custom Solutions

When ideas push the limits of what has been done before, that is where you will find the experience and engineering talent of the Mega team. Mega Industries is more than just a manufacturer of coax or waveguide, we are RF Solutions made with reliability and price in mind.


Nate Veilleux:
Working on Phase Shifter for LANL

Our years of experience, innovation, and ability to take concepts from sketch to delivered solutions are what sets Mega apart from the competition. We fabricate intricate shapes, incorporate uncommon materials, are well-versed in non-standard waveguide and coax sizes, and offer an array of solutions for elevated power levels.

High power? No problem! From custom pressurized to ultra high vacuum, our components push the performance envelope every day. Testing devices to 1 x 10-9 torr-liter/second leak rates and actually conditioning components at 10-11 torr is fully within our capabilities. Designing waveguide and coax to withstand pressurization to 3 bar or more makes even the most challenging peak power levels possible. Be it water-cooled coax, ultra high vacuum couplers or Gigawatt power levels, Mega is ready to deliver.

Mega Custom Applications - Experienced Engineers

Don Paul:
Working on 4600TRL Calibration Kit Development

Taking the vast array of RF waveguide and coax components available and applying them to create systems is not trivial. It takes years to build a portfolio that can then be used as both a starting point and a catalyst to create new solutions, adaptations, and complete new designs that push the envelope and support innovation. Mega has decades of design experience that can be applied to solve even the most difficult design challenge.

Custom Components? No Problem! Windows, Hybrids, Phase Shifters, Variable Attenuators, Switches, Loads, Calibration Kits – our list of standard components is vast and we can easily address slight modifications to meet your exact needs.

Come to us with an idea, and we will turn it into reality…

Mega Industries is RF Solutions!

Some examples of our custom applications

Ultra High Vacuum WR650 Directional Coupler

WR650 - Directional Coupler

This WR650 Directional Coupler was developed and manufactured for a cutting edge application where High Vacuum Levels (10-10 Torr) and Low Leak Rates were required. Mega Industries developed a solution and delivered a device that will allow these scientists to continue their research.

WR650 Reduced Height Combiner

WR650 Reduced Height Combiner

This reduced height WR650 Combiner was designed and manufactured for a demanding Application where Precision Phase Matching, High Vacuum levels (10-6Torr) and High Power levels (>1 Gigawatt) were required. Mega Industries met this challenge and delivered a device that met all of these requirements and kept the customer on schedule.

WR284 Rotary Joint Assembly

WR284 Assembly - Medical Arm

This WR284 assembly has been tested to deliver high power RF to a Medical Linac for operating room use in the treatment of cancerous tumors. The successful testing of this device showcases Mega’s ability to deliver complex assemblies with demanding specifications.

MegaSeal© Waveguide Seals

MegaSeal Waveguide Seals

MegaSeal© provides improved reliability with a silicone double-ridge gasket, an aluminum seal carrier that is RoHS compliant, and a special raised contact surface to ensure a tight RF seal. MegaSeal allows quick and easy gas tight flat to flat waveguide runs.