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Coaxial Loads

  • 12 inch Coaxial Waterload

    12 inch Coaxial Waterload

  • Coaxial Dry Load

    Coaxial Dry Load

Mega Industries offers a full range of coaxial high power loads to meet the most demanding specifications. Both water and air cooled loads are offered in different configurations to best suit the application. In general, the power handling of dry loads is limited to the amount of energy that be transferred to the surrounding air, generally in the range of up to 5kW. For higher power dissipation, transfer of the microwave energy to a water medium is preferred, and can handle up to 250kW, depending upon the users cooling facilities. In many configurations, it is necessary to use a “doped” solution for the load medium, and in this instance, an integrated heat exchanger system is offered as an option. For each and every load, the absolute maximum average and peak power handling is always limited by the standard ratings for the coax size itself, as given in this reference.

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