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  • Broadband UHF Panels
  • UHF Slot
  • VHF Dipoles: Versatile
  • VHF Dipoles: Other Band
  • FM Dipoles
  • UHF Circular Polarized Panels

In addition to a standard portfolio of UHF, VHF and FM broadcast antennas, Mega Industries designs, builds and tests custom antennas from 50 MHz to 12 GHz in a variety of configurations including traveling wave, phased array and horn-fed reflectors.

Our capabilities include high-power applications and we have delivered mission-specific antennas to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army for mobile and fixed-base platforms in extreme conditions ranging from deserts heat to arctic ice.

Mega Industries can assist you in defining your antenna requirements and translating them into radiation patterns, optimum polarization.

Model Data Sheets
952000-955000 UHF Broadband DTV Panel Antenna Systems
975000 UHF Slot Antenna
AT13-111 VHF (Band III) Versatile Antenna System, VP
AT13-220 VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-221 VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, VP
AT13-223 VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-240 VHF (Band III) 4 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-243 VHF (Band III) 4 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT14-522 VHF (Band III) Dipole Antenna for Extreme weather
AT11-111 VHF (Band I) Versatile Antenna System, VP
AT11-220 VHF (Band I) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT12-512 FM Band, Dipole Antenna, VP
AT12-220 FM Band, 2 Dipoles Panel Antenna, HP
AT12-201 FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP
AT12-202 FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP
AT15-225-CP UHF Circularly Polarized Panel Antenna