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Mega Industries Painting

Mega Industries quality painting

Mega Industries Paint Booth

Painted On-Site

Mega Industries applies all spray on finish coatings at their facility using our air filtered paint booth. Our paint booth can accommodate parts up to 15ft long. All parts are thoroughly cleaned, primed, and painted to customer specifications.

Finishing - Painting Mega Industries Waveguide Coupler

Special Stencilling

Finish Coatings & Markings

We are capable of painting most any color, either water based, enamel, or epoxy coatings. We also can use urethane coatings for flexible waveguide and coaxial components. We make custom stencils and mark components per customer specifications.


Mega Industries specializes in mil-spec coatings. Here are some of the mil-specs that we do on a regular basis:

  • Mil-Std-130
  • Mil-Std-13231
  • Mil-Std-22750
  • Mil-Std-23377
  • Mil-Std-24635
  • Mil-PRF-85285
  • Mil-PRF-85582
Finishing - Painting Mega Industries Flexible Waveguides

Urethane Coated Flexible Waveguide