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Mega Industries Plating

Mega Industries controls the quality and scheduling of it’s plating and paint adherence through the use of our chemical processing lines.

Mega Industries plating using chromicoat

MIL-C (DTL)-5541 & *81706
Type I: Class 1A and *Class3

For Type I applications Mega uses Chromicoat L25, a hexavalent chromium product that is certified for use by numerous aerospace and military organizations for applications within the harshest of environments.

Mega Industries plating useing Iridite NCP is ROH compliant

MIL-C (DTL)-5541 & *81706
Type II: Class 1A and *Class3

For Type II applications Mega uses Iridite NCP, a chrome free (neither trivalent or hexivalent) passivation product product that offers coverage, adherence, and protection similar to Type I applications but is ROHS compliant and much more friendly to the environment.

All MIL-C (DTL)-5541 & 81706 certification is maintained through the monthly testing of coupons with an a NADCAP registered testing facility.