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Mega Industries Welding & Brazing

Mega Industries controls the quality and scheduling of it’s welding and brazing processes through the use of Weld Procedure Specifications and Procedure Qualification Records.

Mega Industries certified welding and brazing Mega Industries certified welding and brazing to ASW C3.4 specification

Experienced Certified Welders

Our welders have years of experience and work within the AWS D17.1 Class C specification. In addition, they are certified to weld and inspect pressure vessel specification ASME B31.3, Section V, Article 9 and AWS D1.1).

Experienced Certified Brazers

Our experienced brazing personnel work within the ASW C3.4 specification. We specialize in brazing aluminum, brass, copper, and mixed materials over a wide range of customized sizes for straight, twist, flex, and coaxial configurations (to name a few).

Proven Techniques

We MIG and TIG weld materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. Our autogenous welding capabilities specialize in aluminum but may be configured for other materials as well.