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Mega Industries Vacuum Furnace

  • vacuum furnace open
  • vacuum furnace full view

Mega Industries utilizes a small vacuum furnace for product development and small production runs of it UHV brazed components. With this furnace, Mega can speed up brazing development time by precise control of temperature profiles in conjunction with four additional survey thermocouples to monitor localized temperature conditions. Mega has developed brazing expertise in making various metal to metal bonds as well as metalized ceramic bonds required to manufacture sophisticated structures for its customers.

The furnace has a unique feature in that its 8" dia. x 12" deep working heat zone can be oriented either horizontal or vertical. This allows for a small chamber to heat zone ratio that facilitates pump down time and minimizes gas bleeding volume. The furnace is capable of ambient to 2,400 °F and can braze from atmosphere to high vacuum (10-6 torr).